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We provide telecom services, calling cards, terminations, domain hosting, renewals, and broadcast support services.

With many connections in the telecom industry we work with major carriers, service providers and voIP operators. Some services are provided by partner firms. 

We dont just stop at traditional telecom services; we also provide consultancy support for enterprise, rebroadcasting turnkey solutions to suit all budgets. IT and data solutions, (not limited to wholesale equipment supply), and these are all offered alongside reseller options to generate revenue, allowing you much more.

The most efficient way for you, our valued client, to get the information we need, is to contact us via email using the form provided in our contact us page, this will ensure your message is carefully screened and filtered through our internal validation process.  

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Phone Card Shop

We can provide you low cost calling cards, from our partner services,.

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Geographic Numbers

We can provide you georaphic numbers known as DIDs for low cost, we can also supply non geographic numbers  with control panel access for statistics and routing control.

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